The Unique of Play-to-Earn Games in 2022

One cannot deny the emergence and trendy wave that play-to-earn games have caused worldwide. It is becoming customary to play a video game and earn from it against the initial pay-to-play system. 

Despite the growing trend, many people are skeptical about the best play to earn games models, while others embrace them. But perhaps you are one of those who have not decided, and you may find this article as a guide to inform and educate you. Learn more about NFT games as a business.

Primarily, the more you learn about the play-to-earn games, the more confident you will be about considering an investment yourself. And when it comes to the complete information of all you need to know about crypto games, you are in the perfect place.

Let us go on a journey of exploring the top play-to-earn games and the best ones for 2022. We will not start from the beginning – with the definition of P2E games. We will also discuss their unique features in the NFT economy.

What are Play-to-Earn Games?

As the name sounds, play-to-earn games refer to online video games that reward players for accomplishing tasks. Traditional games also provide rewards for players. But the uniqueness of this model is that the tips can be converted to real-time values in the form of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. 

For example, players who take up P2E modeled games can earn real-time money from playing these games. Therefore, play-to-earn games are not just sources of entertainment. They are investment models or business opportunities in blockchain technology. 

Real-world value

Players can play the games and potentially earn valuable cryptocurrencies. These coins are real because they have a real-world value that can be converted to cryptocurrencies or even fiat currencies. In addition to accomplishing tasks, players can also own assets within the game environment. And if they wish, they can sell these assets to other players within the game marketplace. 


When it comes to the value of play-to-earn games, they are pretty different from the traditional gaming system. Unlike conventional gaming systems where the developer owns and controls every asset within the game, play-to-earn games are other. In P2E games, the ownership of the assets is shared with players and investors.

This co-ownership is possible in a decentralized operation system, which is the significant uniqueness of cryptocurrencies. The ownership no longer lies with the developer but is distributed among all players on the network. And by participating in this game, each player enhances the game’s economy to make more profits.

The Unique of Play-to-Earn Games in 2022

The game’s profits and increase in value are shared with the other players and the developer. These play-to-earn games have mastered the art of providing some of the greatest needs of Generation Z, which are entertainment and earning income.

Top play-to-earn crypto games 

The play-to-earn games are sometimes referred to as crypto games. And this fact is not surprising since playing them earns you cryptos as coin rewards. Since cryptocurrencies can increase in value, a game player who doubles as an investor can make it big when the value rises. 

Despite players earning small amounts of cryptocurrencies as rewards for playing or accomplishing tasks, it can still be of immense benefit. Some rewarding activities include daily lessons, battles, content, and other activities. Examples of the top crypto games in 2022 to look out for include the following;

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. Decentraland 
  3. The Sandbox 
  4. Sorare
  5. Gods Unchained
  6. Zoo Crypto-World
  7. Alien Worlds
  8. Splinterlands
  9. Blankos Block Party
  10. Rumble Kong League

The above ten P2E games represent what players can explore in 2022 for popularity and the value of cryptocurrency rewards. 

The Unique of Play-to-Earn Games in 2022

Developers’ Approach to Creating Play-to-Earn Games

According to CoinMarketCap, developers often give two practical approaches to modeling play-to-earn games. 

  1. Native Cryptocurrency

The first route that developers take to launch cryptocurrencies is to use native forms of tokens. This process requires creating a new crypto coin project on the blockchain network and designing the desired tickets. It will also require closing some deals with the smart contracts. However, these newly created tokens must have similar attributes to the typical in-game cryptocurrencies.

However, these coins come with real-world values and can be converted or sold for fiat currencies. At the top of play-to-earn games that have their native cryptocurrency is the Axie Infinity, the number one blockchain game. There are two native cryptocurrencies in this game, SLP and AXS, on the Ethereum blockchain network. 

When a player acquires enough of these coins, he can decide to sell them to other players for a payout. Apart from Axie Infinity, Decentraland is another blockchain game with SAND as its native cryptocurrency. These coins are also listed in the market, and you can monitor their current market values. 

  1. Existing Cryptocurrency

The second approach the developers can take is to base the new play-to-earn game on existing cryptocurrencies. For example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Cardano can serve as the platform for any of the cryptocurrencies in the game. To establish this relationship, such games bear the name of the existing cryptocurrency network that houses them.

For instance, you get play-to-earn games such as Bitcoin Pop, Bitcoin Tycoon, Cryptokitties, Crypto Dragons, and others. These games on the P2E model also find it easy to reward players with the standard crypto coins. And as the players progress in the game, they accumulate a more significant amount of coins that can be covered to real-life value. The monetization of this value is an important selling point of any of these cryptocurrencies under ideal conditions. 


The uniqueness of the play-to-ern games is that the developer cannot simply decide to shut down the game. Even if the game cannot continue, the gamers and investors don’t lose. They can sell or move their assets to another game on the same platform or network. These reasons point to the fact that these crypto games are here to stay. So, you may find anyone who still wonders why everyone is trooping to own one of the most significant digital assets. Tell them it’s because you can earn cryptocurrencies from playing.