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Secret Neighbor

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Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer horror survival game. You have to go back to the Neighbor’s house to save your friends from the creep who locked him in the basement. The game was created by Hologryph and released in 2019. This is the part of the Hello Neighbor series. The game is available on the Windows platform.


Gameplay is one of the main attractions of the Secret Neighbor. It is well-thought, well-developed, and incredibly fresh. Compared with many other horror adventure games, Secret Neighbor has its own unique “flavor”. It is rather a social deduction game, where you have to find all the keys in the big Neighbor’s house and help your friend to get out of the basement. Since Secret Neighbor is a part of the Hello Neighbor series, I recommend you to play Hello Neighbor in the first place. You don’t have to play the entire game, just the 1st Act.

Secret Neighbor action happens between 1st and 2nd Act of Hello Neighbor. Your friend Nicky is held in a basement by a Neighbor and you with your friends decide to sneak into the house to release him. The problem is, one of your friends is actually a Neighbor in disguise. He has to kill all the kids and keep Nicky in the basement. The children have to find the keys and not get caught by the Neighbor.


Secret Neighbor offers incredibly vivid and greatly made visuals. This horror does not look like horror at all until you get caught by the Neighbor. If you are sick and tired of gloomy and scary horrors, this game is for you. You will wander around the house and will be able to admire its design. There are costumes you can change. The game developers also reveal funny seasonal updates, including new costumes and house decorations. The soundtrack matches the action on your screen.

Information about replayability of Secret Neighbor

There is no particular mystery you have to solve unlike in the Hello Neighbor game. The Secret Neighbor does not lose its uniqueness after the first time you win it. You can go back there to explore other parts of the house, enjoy new updates, and scare more friends to death. You can become a Neighbor or a child. You may even ask different friends to join you. The game does not get boring so easily.


Secret Neighbor is a great game for the whole family. You can play it with your friends at a party or just have fun with your family. The game is a great way to get your adrenaline running and to spend time with your friends.


  • Playing the game is a great way to get your adrenaline running
  • There is a variety of things you can do in the game, you can explore the house, play with your friends, or scare them with your creepy avatar
  • The game is not terrifying, you can enjoy it with your friends and have a good time
  • The graphics are excellent, they are bright and colorful, and you can even change the avatar and the costume
  • The game is rather social and you can explore it with your friends
  • You can explore the game with other friends and have a good time
  • You can scare your friends with a creepy avatar


  • The game is quite short
  • The game is rather basic and it does not have any plot
  • The game does not change the first time you win it
  • The game is not scary
  • There is not enough content in the game


Secret Neighbor Secret Neighbor
Secret Neighbor
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