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Tips on how to Play Axie Infinity for free

Tips on how to Play Axie Infinity for free

Due to its earning advantages, Axie Infinity has become a game everyone wants to play. However, the price has skyrocketed, thereby making it difficult to play. Axie Infinity scholarships come into Play in this situation. A scholarship organization provides a scholar with a squad of Axies to play the game. The student will pay the organization a % of their SLP earnings as a rental fee in exchange.

Although there is a lot of competition for scholarships, here are a few tips that give you an edge when applying for one.

Do you want to give Axie Infinity a try but don’t have the funds to buy an Axie beginning team? Learn how to rent your first squad of Axies by using this Axie Scholarship Guide.

Here’s how to go about it

What is the Axie Infinity scholarship?

The Axie Infinity scholarship is an opportunity that allows scholars or gamers who want to play the game but don’t have enough money to do so. Managers frequently bring in scholars with the needed ALX or SLPs but not enough time to play the game.

An Axie Infinity Scholarship can help you with this situation. The managers give scholars the unused ALX or SLP to start the game on their behalf. Scholars can earn passive income, which we split between the manager and the scholar.

As a newbie or gamer, you get the three Axie from the management to begin the game. The scholar’s earnings usually follow a sixty to forty percent share.

Scholarship Programs at Axie

You’ll need three Axies from the Axie Marketplace to fight in Axie Infinity. A single Axie now costs USD 200 and rises.

With this significant initial investment, Axie trainers banded together to create a new player who could use lending programs to try out the game before investing in their first squad of Axies.

Axies didn’t always cost as much as they do now. As early players and during games, many trainers have gathered hundreds of Axies. As a result, some trainers have an excessive quantity of Axies that they rarely utilize. 

How Does It Work?

The system runs as Current trainers with extra Axies create a second account for the newbies, complete with a team of three Axies, including log-in information.

The newbies can now begin playing with the Axies available. Trainers care for and breed Axies in the game, earning resources in the procedure, as well as SLP (Smooth Love Potion). SLP enhances and produces Axies, while in-game materials increase their attack and defense stats.

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), the game’s governance token, can be purchased on a decentralized exchange or won through gameplay. Token holders can use their $AXS to claim newly produced AXS tokens and have a say in how we spend the Axie Infinity Treasury, as well as the game’s progress.

The novice can keep a portion of their earnings after the lending period. On the other hand, the lender will take a cut as a loan fee. It is the responsibility of the lender to share the profits with the newcomer.

Fill out an Axie Scholarship application.

Gamers can choose from a range of programs to begin playing Axie Infinity. Even though many of them are put together by the Axie community, the Axie community puts together many. Please do your analysis before applying to a program to don’t waste time playing without receiving the benefits you deserve. You can read more about Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) by visiting

Some reputable Axie Scholarship Programs include:

  • Loot Squad Axie Scholarship Program
  • Generation Axie Scholarship
  • Cat’s & Reillz’s Axie Friends
  • Bit Squad PH Axie Scholarship Program
  • Axie University Scholarships
  • Axie Universe Scholarship Program
  • Axie Infinity Scholarship Program (AISP)

Playing duration

In 24 hours, users cannot play on their Axie Infinity account more than once. If you do, you will get disqualified from the game. Scholarship programs are the same way; you can only have one Axie Scholar account and one program. Are you ready to form your Axie team? 

Getting started

Download the Mavis Hub to your computer, log in, and install Axie Infinity to your PC or mobile phone to play Axie Infinity.

 Make sure to check in and open the Daily Quests when you first log on. T acquire SLP complete the other Daily Quests by playing and winning battles in Arena or Adventure Mode.

You can start in the PvP Battle Arena or fight Chimera beasts in the PvE Adventure Mode with your three Axies. No matter how many Axies you have or how powerful your team is, entering a battle costs 1 Energy.

Depending on how many Axies you own, Depleted Energy recovers over time:

Axies 3 through 9: Every six hours, five energy is replenished and saved, for a total of 20 points refilled and stored per day.

Axies 10 through 19: Every three hours, five energy is replenished and saved, for a total of 40 points refilled and stored per day. You can also read Tips on how to play Axie Infinity successfully by clicking here.

Axies with 20 or more: Every two hours, five energy is replenished, for a total of 60 points, and stored per day.

Here are some places to find axis infinity scholarship

  • Twitter Search
  • CoinGecko SLP Page
  • Axie Infinity Discord

Tips on getting an axie scholarship

  1. Approach the scholarship as if it were a real job.
  2. Bring your knowledge and abilities to the table.
  3. Complete the application process.
  4. Don’t rely on groups to provide you with a scholarship.
  5. Participate in community activities
  6. Previous experience with similar games is advantageous.
  7. Submit numerous scholarship applications

Once you win a scholarship, double-check that you and the organization are on the same page. This opportunity usually takes the shape of an employment contract, which you should read and understand well before signing.

Numerous organizations give scholarships, some of which have a higher payout structure than others. Make sure you’re happy with the profit-sharing concept before signing any contracts. Be mindful that some predatory scholarships out there pay scholars only a tiny sum.

Scholarships are in high demand these days, so getting one may be difficult. Obtaining one, though, is not impossible with enough guts and dedication. Good luck!

Tips on how to play Axie Infinity successfully

Tips on how to play Axie Infinity successfully

Generally, there are some psychological needs to be a successful gamer. Some things must come first before engaging in a game. I can boldly tell you that if you don’t know some tips, you can’t be a successful gamer. Remember, I am speaking about games generally. So, the case is the same when dealing with Axie Infinity. Some people have invested so much in Axie Infinity; they’ve done all they are supposed to do, and yet they still find themselves complaining. In fact, some have looked down on playing Axie Infinity. They have read several articles about making it work, but all their efforts are abortive.

Are you in that position as well? Have you tried all you could, and yet it seems you’ve done nothing? There’s nothing to worry about. This article aims at helping you to do the needful and adjust. Trust me, after reading this article; you will have the strength to start all over again. And I want to assure you that it’s going to come out good to you this time. Therefore, I don’t want you to focus on the efforts you’ve once put in. Please concentrate on the things that will be revealed to you here.   

On the other hand, this article comes at a perfect time for those that want to start playing Axie Infinity. Perhaps, you are a beginner; I want to urge you to pay attention to the message that I will say here. Of course, you might have done the necessary things that you need to do. But I want to assure you that the tips I talk about here will add to your preparations. So, please pay attention and read through carefully. I am writing from experience. There is some fact that can cause failure while playing games. Not only while one is playing Axie Infinity, but every other game. 

Here are things you must take note of before playing Axie Infinity; 

  1. Develop a winning mentality: If you want to play Axie Infinity successfully, you must first develop a winning mentality. In the real sense, winning is a thing of the mind. So, you must train and redirect your mind to be on the winning side. 

There’s an aspect of you that will remind you of your chances of losing. It happens at a higher level when money is involved in the game you are playing. Remember, Axie Infinity is a game that is attached with a reward that is real. With that, one can fail if one does not build up or train one’s mind to focus on the aspect of winning intensely. People have often lost the game they want to play even before they start playing it. This will lead us to the second fact. 

  1. Don’t allow fear to grip your heart: Axie Infinity is not a game for the fearful ones. If you fear losing while playing Axie Infinity, then there’s a tendency to fail. Some people don’t have any issue with following the instructions or rules of the game. Their registration is intact. Visit and you can also read about Where to buy Axie Infinity Shards online.

But they didn’t win because fear had already gripped their heart before they played the game. What am I saying in essence? I am trying to show you how anxiety can disrupt all your plans. So, if you want to be successful in playing Axie Infinity, don’t allow fears to grip your heart.

  1. Don’t concentrate too much on the reward: If what is going on in your mind as you are playing Axie Infinity is the reward attached to it, you are still far from achieving your goals. Please don’t misquote me. Of course, you are playing this game to earn. But all your heart must be on the instructions you need to follow to be relevant in this game and not the reward. Several people have lost money because their eyes are on the prize. In fact, some even register because of what they want to gain. If all you want is the reward, there is a tendency you concentrate less on how to gather those rewards. Psychologically, there’s a way people are controlled when money is involved in whatsoever they want to do. I am not saying the drive is bad. What I am saying is that your drive must not be on the reward you will get after playing. How about the instructions you need to follow if you want to win?
  2. Don’t be carried away with the fun: One notable thing about Axie Infinity is that this unique game comes with so much fun that one cannot put it into writing. I mean, the delight in playing this fantastic game is beyond expression. With that said, it will be an error if one focuses too much on the fun. Are you thinking about how possible it is to be carried away with the fun of playing Axie Infinity? Of course, it is possible. I have seen people that are yet to make a dime in playing this unique game. And they’ve invested so much in this game. There’s a high tendency for fun to distract you if you fail to follow the game’s instructions. 
  3. Practice with free-to-play: It is expedient for you to practice Axie Infinity with the free–to–play before you invest in it for real. There’s a saying that “practice makes perfect.” With free-to-play, you must have gotten familiar with some of the moves in this game. And this will help you when you eventually invest in the play-to-earn. Therefore, if you want to be successful in playing this unique game, it is expedient for you to take practice before investing seriously. Please, don’t joke with this point. It is essential. You can read about 8 Things to Know Before You Buy Axie Infinity (AXS) by clicking here.

Closing thought

Dear reader, I hope you’ve seen something different. I am coming from another angle to reveal something different to you. Finally, I want to assure you that I am always open to answering and receiving questions regarding this topic. Therefore, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment box if there is any. Trust me; they will all be taken care of.  

Where to buy Axie Infinity Shards online

Where to buy Axie Infinity Shards online

The only place to get your Axie Infinity Shards is to search for them online. However, one needs to be careful in searching for Axie Infinity Shards online because there are countless of them online nowadays. One thing that baffles me about online cryptocurrency exchange is that one cannot quickly know reliable ones. With that said, I decided to take it up as my responsibility to search through and pick the best among the rest. Trust me, the places that will be revealed to you here are the best places to get you Axie Infinity Shards. They are all tested and trusted. The companies you will see here are companies you can rely on. They will deliver your AXS within a couple of days so that you’ll be able to start enjoying your game.

Therefore, I want to urge you to pay rapt attention to the details provided here. Are you looking forward to playing Axis Infinity? Do you want to add more money to your income, and you’ve heard about Axie Infinity? There’s nothing to worry about. I have researched the best places where you can get your AXS. But before we move further to the details about where you can get Axie Infinity Shards? it would be nice to talk about AXS briefly.

What is AXS?

The Axie Infinity Shards are the governance token of the Axie Infinity gaming world. If you have AXS, you have access to vote on the direction of the game’s growth. Not only that, but you will also have support for updates and directing the usage of the game’s treasury. Axie Infinity Shards holders will be able to claim prizes if they stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in crucial supremacy votes. Users will also receive $AXS when they play several games within the Axie Infinity World and via user-generated content inventiveness. You can read more about Axie Infinity Shards by visiting

Here are the places where you can get your Axie Infinity Shards;

  1. Kucoin: This Company is one of the most trusted companies that deal with cryptocurrency, PayPal, wire transfer, credit or debit card, and SEPA. It is expedient for you to strike a business deal with a tested and trusted company. Kucoin has been in this game for the past three years. Their fiat currencies are USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CNY, AUD, KRW, JPY TRY, and more. Furthermore, Kucoin has up to four hundred and ninety-nine cryptocurrencies. 
  1. Gemini: Gemini is another Company that deals with Axie Infinity Shards. They have been in this game for over a decade. This Company is a company you can trust. Their deposit methods include bank transfer, debit card, and wire transfer. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable place where you can get your AXS online, you need to contact this Company. Gemini is tested, trusted, and reliable. Trust me; you will never regret having a business deal with them. 
  1. App: One of the most-used platforms to get a credit card, cryptocurrency, PayPal, and TransferWise. This unique brand has been in this game for two decades, and they still maintain their originality up to date. At App, one will get something special to enhance success in playing Axie Infinity. AXS is very easy to get with this brand. Therefore, if you are willing to get AXS that is reliable without any complaints, you need to have a business deal with this Company. I have come across countless people, and they all said something good about App
  1. This Company is one of the most-used companies dealing with a cryptocurrency exchange. is well-known because of its high level of consistency. They have been in the game of trading cryptocurrency for the past two years now. And since then, they have maintained their uniqueness up to date. Therefore, if you want reliable Axie Infinity Shards, choosing will be a great choice. 
  1. Binance: The list of places where you can get your Axie Infinity Shards is incomplete without Binance. Binance is a brand that has been in vogue ever since the inception of cryptocurrency. This unique brand offers Bank transfers, cryptocurrency, debit cards, and Wire transfers. They have been in this game for over eight years. Binance is one of the most-used brands for trading cryptocurrency online. Therefore, for your Axie Infinity, you can contact them today, and you’ll be glad you did.  
  1. Paybis: You can get your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with a credit card or debit card with this online brand. This unique online brand is one of the most reliable and trusted brands that deal with cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, I implore you to strike a business deal with this online brand. They are tested, trusted, and reliable. Click here to read about Tips on how to Play Axie Infinity for free.
  1. Bitfinex: This unique Company is also one of the brands that deal with cryptocurrencies. If you are looking forward to striking a deal with an online brand responsible, Bitfinex is a great choice. This great brand has been in this crypto exchange for over 5 years. And their reliability and consistency have never been reduced once. Instead, it kept on increasing daily. This brand is a well-known cryptocurrency world.
  1. Coinbase: Coinbase is a safe place to buy and sell significant cryptocurrencies. This brand is one of the world’s most renowned cryptocurrency exchanges. I know some people are familiar with Coinbase. Furthermore, this list is incomplete without Coinbase. Their deposits include debit cards, PayPal, Wire transfers, and Apple Pay. Therefore, I want to assure you that you are making the right decision if you choose to strike a business deal with Coinbase.

Final words

Dear reader, the above-listed eight brands are the best, carefully selected among the rest. I want to assure you that you won’t regret having a business deal with any of the above-listed brands. Finally, I also want to assure you that I am always open to answering and receiving questions regarding this topic. Therefore, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment box if you have any.